Danny and Sophia went on a blind date, and their strikingly different accounts have gone viral.

There’s nothing worse than thinking a blind date has gone surprisingly well, only to discover (probably by way of an unanswered text) that the other party… didn’t feel the same.

In truth, there is a lot can go wrong when blind dating.

Aside from the fact that they could be, you know, a murderer, there are myriad ways a date with someone you’ve never met can turn sour.

And as this hilarious viral tweet has taught us, a conversation about politics will usually do the trick.

Only, one half of this particular blind date didn’t quite see it that way… but he didn’t find out via ghosting. Details of how their date went south were published in a student newspaper, and now hundreds of thousands of strangers know exactly how it all went down.

And it’s not pretty.

Danny Tapper and Sophia Kypriotis were paired together by the “blind date” section in Newcastle University’s student paper, on the condition both wrote post-date reports for publication.

In Danny’s eyes, the date went quite well, if a little awkward. He enjoyed Sophia’s company, but didn’t see it going any further. He also mentioned they had some “disagreements”.

An excerpt from his report read: “We were both interested in politics so we started talking about it and found that we had quite different views. I think the fact that we were both into politics meant that we talked about it but it was more a discussion than clashing… Just because we disagreed on a few things, it doesn’t take away from the fact I thought she was a nice person and was easy to talk to. I think we both saw there was just nothing romantic there, though.”

Well, according to Sophia’s account, that’s not exactly what transpired.

Mamamia staff reveal their tinder stories. Post continues after video…


The red flags waved when Danny apparently called feminism “toxic” and referred to women as “slags”.


“I really don’t like to talk politics when I’ve just met someone and stayed as calm as I could and I tried to educate him on his rather misogynist views,” Sophia told the paper.

“He called feminism ‘toxic’ which allowed women to behave as ‘slags’. I found this very insulting and I was actually very offended… We definitely won’t be meeting again. I was shocked at his archaic, sexist views. I think it was pretty awful but he messaged me saying he had a pretty good time which I found confusing!”

While they both agreed they weren’t a match, it’s clear that Danny had no idea how much his date was suffering in the conversation which is…concerning.

The internet had thoughts:


Well, this makes us never want to date again.

…But at least we’re all in it together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.