Sam Frost has something to say about the breakup of Blake and Louise.

He chose her above all others, dropped to one knee in a fairytale Bachelor finale, then brutally dumped her for another woman before the episode even went to air. Still, somehow, Sam Frost isn’t bitter about being proposed to then dropped by former Bachelor Blake Garvey.

While most of us experience that smug little glimmer of glee that comes with the news of an ex’s latest breakup, Frost has responded to Garvey’s split from fellow-contestant Louise Pillidge with nothing but class.

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The former Bachelorette took to Twitter to express her sympathy for the couple. Well, for Louise at least.

“All breakups are awful & sad. Let alone having to do it in the public eye,” she wrote. “Go easy on them! I just hope Lou is ok & staying strong.. xx”

After all, there are few people who know the horror of the public breakup quite as well as Sam. Her split from Garvey was among the most talked-about topics in entertainment in 2014.

But the 2DAY radio host has since moved on, and is happily shacked up with Bachelorette winner Sasha Mielczarek.

Blake and Louise announced their break-up in today’s issue of New Idea, revealing that things had been rocky for quite some time.

“We tried so hard to make it work, but the negativity that has surrounded us has changed us as individuals,” Garvey said. “We felt like we were walking on eggshells around each other; always trying to say the right thing.”

“It was suffocating.”

The pair had been in relationship counselling for the past three months, to no avail. They are now living separately in their Perth apartment.

“We love each other and Louise is my best friend, but this is about survival,” Blake added.

WATCH Blake and Louise; in the beginning…

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