Everyone thinks Blake Lively wore a bathrobe to the White House.

We often think about what we’ll wear to the White House when we finally get our invite.

Perhaps a sensible pant suit. Or a sparkly ball gown.

Something like this:

ESPANOLA, NM - AUGUST 17: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) speaks as she campaigns for Sen. Barack Obama before a near capacity crowd in the gymnasium at Northern New Mexico Community College August 17, 2008 in Espanola, New Mexico. Clinton encouraged her own supporters to now turn their hard working efforts towards Obama's race for the Presidency. (Photo by Rick Scibelli/Getty Images)
It says “respect me”. Image via iStock.

That is why we collectively fell off our chairs when we read that Blake Lively wore a bathrobe to the White House.

So, so many questions.

Did she not know she was going to the White House that day?

Did she not have anything clean?

Was she trying to make some profound political statement?

Was it AT LEAST a designer bathrobe?

You see, this is the way we imagine a bathrobe:

Always has some description of food on the sleeve. Image via iStock.

We would know, we get one for Christmas every year.

What Blake Lively wore, does not, even loosely, resemble a bathrobe.

Image via Getty.

It is a goddam ball gown.

Lively looked stunning, respectful and incredibly classy.

If that’s a bathrobe, then what the hell are the $12 Kmart flannels we spend our weekends in?

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