Blake Lively drops truth bombs about first-time motherhood.

Sick of the pressure to be a perfectly poised first-time mother with a spotless home who knows exactly what they’re doing? So is Blake Lively.

Since giving birth to daughter James in December 2014, Lively has remained tight-lipped about her experience as a first-time mum – until now.

The star and her heartthrob partner Ryan Reynolds are expecting their second child, and the actress got real about the trials and tribulations of being a parent with talk show host Seth Meyers.

The 28-year-old is refreshingly self-deprecating, citing the unrealistic Instagram accounts that convince new mums it’s all going to be tidy rooms and sleeping babies.

In particular, she confesses to following Kristen Mittler, who runs the account Old Joy: “She just made having a baby look lovely,” she says.

Blake Lively pregnant and glamorous at Cannes. Images via Getty.

"Everything is white, she always has a fresh blueberry pie that's steaming... and her toddler is giving her like reflexology massages."

"I went from loving her to wanting to kidnap her," she tells Meyers. "So she won't post anymore torture for me."

Lively jokes that while Old Joy's life looks calm and easy, "My kid is like playing with explosive devices, I don't know where she's found them, and sticking it in our dogs ear."

"She already knows how to dry wall because she puts holes in the wall."

To be honest, to me - a childless 20-something - a kid who somehow finds explosives sounds a lot more fun than this guy:


Lively also seems to be acutely aware of the chaos to come with a new baby on the way, asking Meyers whether her 18-month-old will be a suitable babysitter for her newborn.

"I feel like at a year and half she's equipped to be a babysitter...right?"

We think so.

One thing's for sure: that would make an absolutely brilliant movie.