Blake Lively has sent a tweet to Ryan Reynolds. It is confusing.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds use Twitter to communicate secret things to each other. Or are trolling us.

Blake Lively has sent what may just be the most cryptic tweet of all time to husband Ryan Reynolds.

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It is an envelope with a love heart on it, a poo, and another envelope with a love heart on it.

And, because it’s Friday afternoon and we have a little time, we have created a number of finely-tuned theories as to what this tweet means.

1. Blake Lively has sent Ryan Reynolds some poo in the mail.

Self explantory really. She’s just giving him a head’s up.

2. Blake Lively has sent Ryan Reynolds a “do not forget list”.

This list obviously includes “remember to post the letter to your mum”, “remember to go to the toilet”, and “you still haven’t posted that letter to your mum have you, I am asking you politely to please do that now”.

3. Blake Lively writes emoji poetry to Ryan Reynolds.

I imagine this would sound something like “My love reaches you, through hell or high water, sickness or health, bowel movements or bladder issues, my love reaches you…”

Blake Lively thinking about poetry and poo emojis.

Or, the tweet means nothing, she is trolling all of us, we are all slaves to the Blyan publicity machine.

What do you think this cryptic tweet means?

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