You'll never guess what Blake Lively supposedly rubs on her nipples.

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You’d think by now we’d have stopped being surprised by the weird health and beauty processes celebrities seem to love. After all, we know Oprah Winfrey uses skincare products derived from infant foreskin, Gwyneth Paltrow swears by oil pulling and even Harry Styles enjoys the odd placenta facial or too.

But this one is definitely unexpected,

Blake Lively rubs truffles on her nipples – and not for husband Ryan Reynold’s pleasure but for her baby daughter, James.

Celebs do love their weird beauty treatments. (Post continues after gallery.)

FYI, we’re talking the expensive mushroom kind of truffles rather than the delicious chocolates.

“I rub truffles on my nipples everyday”, the 27 year-old told to reporters during a promotion for her new film The Age of Adaline, according to People.

“You’ve got to give her a very well balanced palate from a young age so she doesn’t eat only beige food,” she said. Yeah, we’re presuming this was a joke but seeing as Blake’s a bit of a foodie, you never know.

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Last year, Blake launched her own lifestyle website Preserve and regularly shares her cooking creations on Instagram so it’s clear she’s keen to share her love for (fine) food with her daughter as soon as possible.

“You can’t be around me and not be exposed to all different cuisines,” Lively added. Indeed

Most parents struggle to get their children to eat normal vegetables, let alone exotic funghi (that always seems to add an extra $10 on to your restaurant meals) so we’re impressed by Blake’s feeding technique. And baffled. Mostly baffled though. (Post continues after gallery.)

We’re pretty sure Lively was joking but just to be sure we consulted iVillage Editor Alys Graham to see whether truffle-on-nipple-rubbing, or food on nipples in general is a normal feeding technique.

“That’s a pretty fancy pants set of nipples!” she says.

“All mine got was lanolin cream, which did jack shit for the cracks anyway. Perhaps I should have given truffles a go. But I can’t say I’ve ever come across it before.”

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So truffles may be good for your risotto, not so much your nipples. You win this time, Blake.

Have you ever heard of rubbing food on your nipples while breastfeeding? Would you ever try it?