Blake Lively wants Girl Squad membership, stat.

You know what? Blake Lively always seemed so chill.

She was the quintessential California girl, with a bangin’ hot husband, cute new baby, amazing hair, and a booming career.

Blake didn’t need fake besties – she was Serena Van De Woodsen, for God’s sake! Blake was the cool girl.

….and then she went and spoiled that reputation by spending all week positively FROTHING over Taylor Swift.




As you have no doubt seen this week, Blake has been partaking in a variety of horribly cliched BFF activities with Ms. Swift, ranging from squealing on a rollercoaster, to snapping mid-air star jumps in QLD.

But she’s just stepped up the game by sending Taylor a cake – YES, A CAKE – for her birthday.

This is the cake that Blake baked:


Blake wins at birthday pies. @blakelively I honestly can’t stop laughing rn

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The hallowed inner sanctum of the Swift Fan Club, access to the Girl Squad would give Blake unprecedented access to the stage at Taylor Swift’s concerts, the star-studded sleepovers, and – if she’s lucky – even a FILM CLIP!

Cool cake, Blake – but is it enough to win you the most prized membership on the tween planet? Only time will tell..