Blake Lively shares first home video of her daughter James.


Actress Blake Lively, 28, is pretty private about her daughter.

We’ve seen Instagram shots of her feet and hands, but aside from those initial “She’s been born!” announcements, Blake and husband Ryan Reynolds, 39, have been laying low with their family of three.

It’s only now that Blake is expecting a second time (and glowing with motherhood, might we add), the star has gone on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to share a home video of her one-year-old daughter.

The video features a cardboard cutout of Jimmy, gifted by the host himself, which Blake shows to her daughter James. A mess of blonde curls points at the cutout expectantly. Blake then asks James who her daddy is, to which James replies by pointing at Jimmy Fallon’s cardboard body. Oops.

It really does give new meaning to this caption on Instagram posted more than a year ago…

No word yet on how Ryan is taking the news.

Blake also shared how her daughter’s mispronunciation of certain words is getting embarrassing. When she tries to say “sit”, it comes out like “sh*t”. You know, the usual problems.

Watch the entire video below.