Blake Lively is the latest celebrity to jump on this darker hair trend.

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The world has always been a little bit obsessed with Blake Lively‘s hair. It’s voluminous, thick, Rapunzel-like, manages to simultaneously nail beach hair AND red carpet glamour and it’s a delightful shade of sun-kissed blonde.

Or at least it was.

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The 27 year old posted a picture of her darker new hair on Instagram. Pictured mid-laugh on a bridge, Lively captioned it: “Brondes have more fun – #NoTypos-IThinkItsCrazyToo”.

Yes, the Age of Adaline actress and L’Oreal ambassador has gone for the perfect middle ground – bronde.

Bronde - that delightful middle ground between brown and blonde.

The mother-of-one is the latest celebrity to jump on the bronde bandwagon, with the flattering hair colour a favourite among the likes of Elle Macpherson, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba and even Matt Damon (yes, really).

The natural looking effect uses tones popular for balayage but incorporates the brunette/blonde mix all over the head. (Post continues after gallery.)

It's also a long-lasting alternative to traditional highlights which reduces the need for six-weekly hairdresser visits.

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The hair colour change has caused quite a stir, with even husband Ryan Reynold weighing in on the bronde debate.

"You know, I like it," he told E!. "That's the great thing about our weird jobs. We come home sorta looking different once in a while." (Post continues after gallery)

Considering Lively is on the pulse of hair trends, we wonder how long it will be until she goes for our other favourite, the lob.

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Surely Gossip Girl would approve?

Lucy Hale

The Pretty Little Liars star has also been showing off her new hairstyle (and tropical holiday!) on Instagram.

While her character Aria is recognisable for her dark hair with the occasional coloured streak, off-screen the 26-year old has gone for something a little lighter and natural looking.

Hale, second from right Image via Instagram.

She's been sporting a tousled shoulder-length style for most of the year, but has now gone even shorter, with a jaw-line grazing lob.

And she obviously made the most out of her trip to the hairdressers, opting for some caramel and dark blonde toned balayage.

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So yes, Lucy Hale, we're envious of both your holiday AND your hair.


Would you try the bronde hair trend?