Blake Lively's breastfeeding selfie has captured a paradise every mother knows.

Breasts. The wonder is never-ending.

When a mother is breastfeeding, her bosoms are constantly assessed – mostly by their owner – for their nipple colour, ripeness, spraying ability, pain, relief, growing and sagging.

And it’s a relief to see that one of the world’s most glamorous celebrities isn’t immune.

Yes, the “perks of breastfeeding” truly do feel this heavenly at times.

Blake Lively has captured paradise. Quite literally. A tropical lagoon, salty-sexed-up hair and the pure perfection of side-boob while – I imagine – she cradles her well-behaved babe.

The PERKS of breastfeeding. ???????????????????? #YesThatsRiceInMyHair #BlondevsBronde #BrondeJamesBronde

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There is a small – and very beautiful – part of this Insta pic that’s normal. Small. Micro, even. But it’s still worth celebrating. And Blake Lively has captured it – perhaps without even realising – wonderfully.

A new mum has small pockets of time that are heavenly. Small pockets. Itty, bitty pockets. Sometimes they’re the size of Barbie’s pen lid. But, regardless, more often than not, they exist.

A moment in time when everything feels right. She’s with the people she loves, she’s hanging at a place she feels safe, her hair is perfection and her breasts are doing exactly what they’re meant to be doing.

“Hallelujah!” she thinks, “I got this. I’m in control again. I’m content. And look at these breasts!? Awesome.”

And it should be celebrated. It’s. Working. For just a moment.

Because by the end of this sentence, a world of unknowns lay before her.

“And it should be celebrated. It’s. Working. For just a moment.”

Leaky nipples.


An untrustworthy fart.

An empty breast.

An overflowing breast.

Noticing a roll of back-fat that wasn’t there six months ago.

In an instant, that perfect ‘motherly moment’ can end. It’s a joy to celebrate. No matter whether the mother has a million followers on Instagram or just ten – let’s rejoice in her celebration of perfection. Her. Perfect. Moment.

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It’s true that there’s an overwhelmingly unreal quality to Blake Lively’s photo. Her life is not normal. Not to most of us anyway. She has an estimated worth of $16 million and is married to Ryan Reynolds, one of the world’s hottest celebrities who is reportedly worth $45 million. They are in movies. They live in Hollywood. She holidays by lagoons and has perfect hair.

But it’s not an unusual social media spotting.

We’re seeing these posts all too often. A celebrity hoping to project an image to us ‘normal mums’ that Hollywood celebrities and international modesl are ‘normal’ too. They are. Just not the same sort of normal.

Our bodies are the same. Sort of. They do the same stuff. But our lives are not.

We’ve seen them all. We remember them all. Models breastfeeding on magazine shoots in Ralph-Lauren-inspired-rooms, draped in a gown with well-moisturised legs or her never-neglected décolletage on display.

But we have one thing in common.

Us. And them. The breastfeeding-glamazons.

“The breastfeeding-glamazons.”

We relish in our little pieces of perfection. Bravo to that.

So for the ‘normal mums’ who perhaps think for a moment that they’re living a ‘non-normal’ daggy life … You’re not. I have breastfed for a total of two years. It looks a lot like this:

On the couch. Top up. Side-tummy is cold. Brrr. (Certainly, am not by a Blake Lively-esque lagoon). Searching for prop-pillows. Speedo bottle full of water sitting on the floor as all the space around me is a minefield of Lego or toys that sing Incy Wincy belonging to my toddler. Poor Speedo bottle. I won this bottle at a swimming competition at school about twenty years ago. Before BPA was a concern. Hmm. BPA. Search for phone somewhere beneath my bottom. Bottom growing. Bottom and couch almost feel like one being. Phone found. Google ‘BPA 1999’. Read something. Put phone away. Can’t remember what I read. So tired. What time is it? What day is it?

But just sometimes, just for a moment, I have a perfect moment. A tiny, fleeting, piece of lovely that makes it all worthwhile. An adorable baby, rockin’ hair and “perky breasts” and that’s when there’s no difference between you, me and one of the world’s most famous celebrities.

None at all.

(Not convinced? Well, she has rice in her hair. And you probably don’t. So, just enjoy that for a second).

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