Blake Lively's baby shower is making us a little bit green.

Blake is so Lively.

The 27-year-old actress had her baby shower on the weekend, and it looked like a bohemian dream.

Blake announced her pregnancy to husband Ryan Reynolds (aka Dream Stud Hunk) in the cutest possible way last week, and she’s already smashed out a baby shower.

Efficient, much?

We’ve been clicking through the pictures on social media, and they’re all about soft lenses, natural light, earthy colours and candid smiles. It’s like a health insurance ad crossed with the best filters on Instagram.

There was an idyllic outdoor, forest-y setting.

There were natural fibres and warm woollen jackets.

There were children with large balloon things, skipping merrily through the meadows.

And there was Blake, looking Lively and lovely.

Oh, the melodious picturesque-ness.

Meanwhile… a random picture of Ryan Reynolds with a baby. Not his, but still…