Bachelor Blake explains EVERYTHING. It hurts. It hurts bad.

WARNING: In our opinion, this gets kind of Harsh with a capital H. If you like Sam… well, you may have to fight an instinct to hunt her down and cuddle her.


Blake Garvey (who we now know is Head Stripper Of Perth and a bit of a #DirtyStreetPie) has just done an interview with Woman’s Day explaining why he and Sam Frost split up after only six weeks of post-finale engaged life, and Sam pitched in a few depressing statements as well.

(It’s a must-read. Get to your nearest newsagent STAT.)


Blake’s side: “It didn’t feel like what I expected or hoped for. I had fears and doubt like anyone and unfortunately they were realised.”

But poor ol’ Sam’s side: “I was completely blindsided.”


Blake: “I love her but maybe it wasn’t the long-lasting romantic love that I was looking for.”

Sam: (Woman’s Day asked, ‘are you angry at Blake?’) “I’m disappointed, which is worse.”


Blake decided to end the relationship because of “a combination of factors. Being back in reality, in a long-distance relationship, having unfiltered contact and really getting to know each other more. It highlighted that Sam is someone I absolutely love and care for but not in the way of a romantic partner.”


And does Blake still have feelings for any of the other girls? “We shared such an emotional journey it’d be impossible not to feel something.”


At least there is a silver (well, diamond) lining for 25-year-old Sam. She gets to keep the $50,00+ diamond engagement ring from Bunda, and they will remodel it for her.

Into a little sad face emoticon, maybe.

On a scale of one to Dirty Street Pie, how outrageous were Blake’s comments?

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