When Blake watched his controversial exit from The Bachelorette, he sent Sophie this text.

In case you were wondering, Blake Coleman has precisely “no regrets” about how he left things with Sophie Monk after his elimination on The Bachelorette.

Last night, the entrepreneur did not receive a rose after home visits. Sophie told him she didn’t feel he ‘had her back’, and Blake declared that was a “bullshit answer”.


He said he hoped Sophie had fun with the remaining boys, in a tone that suggested he absolutely did not want Sophie to have fun with the other boys, and proceeded to enter an impassioned rant in the limo home about how the best guy for Sophie is “in this limo on the way home”.

Let’s just say that Blake did not cope with rejection, um, well. 

Listen: Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews discuss Blake’s response to being rejected on Bach Chat. (Post continues…)

But on Friday he told Mamamia, “You gotta look at the whole story. I was just super, super surprised. There’s always context behind stuff. I literally was lost for words.”

Blake fell for Sophie and said it was an “emotional roller coaster”.

After watching his elimination on television last night, he texted Sophie and said, “Sorry for being a dick on my exit,” and says Sophie replied back laughing.

According to Blake, there were, “no hard feelings,” after he left, and the pair are, “good friends now”.

Blake wasn't happy to be eliminated. Image via Channel 10.

But obviously I couldn't just leave the interview there. I had one more, very important question, which can be summed up as follows:

Jarrod: discuss.

Blake said he was annoyed to be eliminated before Jarrod, and "James was surprised that Jarrod was still there."

The male contestants message here and there, and have been cracking up about the pot plant. In regards to the 'pissing in the plant' debacle, Blake says they are shooting a video to uncover the mystery, and we shall know in the coming weeks once and for all, who did a wee wee in Jarrod's (stupid) plant.

Unsurprisingly, Blake thinks Jarrod is the next to go, leaving Apollo and Stu as the final two.