Wait, is that a ring on Louise's finger?

It hasn’t been confirmed, but that is quite the sparkler she has there.

In case Friday night is your no social media night, this is what you missed.

Blake and Louise are officially a pair.

You can read more about that here.

Basically, Blake and Louise have some “very important news” to share in an exclusive with Woman’s Day coming out on Monday. 

And while we were flicking through Louise’s instagram account (we aren’t known for our patience), we couldn’t help but notice something.

A ring.

On a finger…that usually has…say…an engagement ring on it.

This is the photo:

Via Louise's Instagram account.

The photo was taken a week ago and Louise is showing off her blonde locks after a visit to the hairdresser.

Now, we hear what you are thinking. Could just be a ring that she wears all the time. Could just be a present from her parents.

Could be... but then where is in these older photos (because surely, if she had a ring that nice she would wear it often, right?)

Taken 4 weeks ago.

Taken 7 months ago.

Taken 8 months ago.

In the photo released by Woman's Day, the part where the ring would be is just out of sight.

What do you think?

Want more? Try:

It’s official: Blake chose the wrong girl.

So where’s the $58,000 ring? Because The Bachelor’s Sam doesn’t have it.

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