WHOOPS: Mum fuels the fire on the Blake & Louise rumours.

Louise’s mum has chucked a bit of fuel on the Bachie scandal fire.

The rumour is that Bachelor Blake and second runner-up Louise Pillidge are now dating. Bachie has said some confusing, vague things that have neither confirmed nor denied.

And now Mama Pillidge (or Patricia, if we want to be formal) has done the same.

The Pillidge ladies: Louise and Patricia.

“I cannot confirm anything, I think Louise should say,” Patricia told the Courier Mail.


She said Louise was trying to stay out of the spotlight.

“It is all so crazy. She likes to keep things private, that’s how she is,” she said.

Hmmmm… Maybe because she has been busy slow-blinking with Blake.

Fans desperate for enlightenment have been cheekily been crowding into Patricia’s homewares store. “People are coming into the store and asking me and I just tell them there is nothing to say,” she said.

Diplomatic, Pat. Doing your daughter proud.

This all comes right after Sam Frost revealed that she has texted the potential couple asking for clarification on the rumours, and received NO RESPONSE.

Sometimes, silence speaks volumes.


Ahhh. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

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