Bachelor and 'confirmed' new love are ON THE RUN.

Bachie Blake and his (almost confirmed) new girlfriend, Louise Pillidge, have had to flee a tropical island.

Well…kind of.

The pair were today escorted by police as they made their escape through Thailand airport to an unknown location (thought to be another Thai island).

Because newfound fame. (And also because, DRAMA).

No, they’re not auditioning for The Amazing Race. The pair are apparently running from the Australian paparazzi, who have set up shop on the island of Koh Samui where the controversial pair were rumoured to have been kept in hiding as part of a magazine exclusive.

Now, they’ve changed locations again. Exit, pursued by the paps.


‘Why is Australia so obsessed with us?’

The #dirtystreetpie and Bachelor runner-up Pillidge are set to announce their newfound love in a Woman’s Day magazine exclusive, out tomorrow.

In a promotional video released last week Bachie said, “Australia you deserve to know all the facts and the full story and you can find it in Woman’s Day”.

Louise, holding her beloved’s (?) hand, said, “we’ve got some very exciting news we’d love to share with you.”

Hold us. We can’t process this much Bachie drama.