Laurina Fleure takes a swipe at newly separated Blake and Louise.

The world woke today to the news former-Bachie Blake Garvey had split from former Bachelor second-runner up Louise Pillidge.

As anyone who witnessed Blake’s very public post-production dumping of Sam Frost in 2014 knows, romance is a messy business.

Which is why it seemed a little odd for Blake and Louise to announce the death of their two-year relationship in a very un-messy New Idea exclusive.

There was confessions from both parties. Blake was “suffocated”, Louise was  “numb” and before they knew what hit them, there they were posing on a beach-side balcony looking into the middle distance.

Laurina Fleure is having none of it.

“I think that Blake and Louise posing for a photo and tell-all about their break-up is exploiting of themselves,” she told the Daily Mail.

“Not very tasteful milking the last drop of publicity, but probably indicative of the type of relationship they were in,” she added.

The serial reality TV star and one time Bachelor contestant admitted she didn’t know the couple very well so couldn’t shed any light on why they split, but implied it’s probably because Blake is a slimy love-worm, well, sort of. She said this:

“The start to their relationship wasn’t ideal so maybe that hindered their foundation and may have made it hard for them to move forward.”

Meanwhile the ever-sparkly, miraculously not-at-all bitter Sam Frost weighed in on Twitter with support for the woman who effectively stole her crappy boyfriend.