If you're really committed to tattoos, the latest trend may be for you.

You know how last year everyone was getting those tiny, delicate little tatts? Well, it turns out that tattoo trends are as fickle as fashion, because for 2016 it’s all about solid slabs of black.

The trend is called blackout tattooing, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to cover up those more regrettable patches of ink. Of course, plenty of gutsy folk are getting it done purely because they like the way it looks.

Blackout tattoo
via Instagram/oddtattooer.

Either way, you better have a high pain threshold, because if you want to get a sleeve of ink that looks like an actual sleeve, you’re probably in for a good six hours of constant agony.

One of the more prominent tattooists to perform blackout art is Chester Lee of Oracle Tattoo in Singapore. Lee has been filling in skin this way for the past five years and is watching the trend sky rocket.


Talking to, Lee said the below cover-up job took roughly 20 hours over the course of two months. But, he warned, people with existing tattoos need to be aware that some negative lines can show through.

Blackout tattoo
Via Instagram/oddtattooer.

It seems like extreme solution to hide a mistake, and it is. But then again, so is paying someone to fire laser beams at your skin.

Maybe we’ll stick to stick-ons.

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