How to survive a kid’s birthday party.

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It’s ok – we’ll make it through this together.

Children’s birthday parties are so joyful.

I just had my daughter’s birthday party – and aside from the gorgeous birthday cake which had her name misspelled, the two extra children who I forgot to include in the final number I gave to the party location, the millions of crumbs left all over the floor and the headache-inducing noise of it all – it went really well.

I learned long ago that I can only handle holding parties at home every other year. While I don’t have many valuable breakables in my home, I do have lots of things that I don’t want damaged. I also struggle to find the energy to clean up afterwards, although nibbling on leftovers normally gets me through.

And staying well hydrated. That, my friends, is key.

“I learned long ago that I can only handle holding parties at home every other year.”

But here’s something to consider. What if someone did put two frazzled mums in rooms full of children who are ready to party? Then, what if that someone gave the kids nothing but sugary food to eat? And what if a few priceless valuables were placed not too near, but in the vicinity of, said party?

I know – what sick, twisted mind thought this was a good idea?

Did they think the breakables were safe?

Did they think that because they were priceless antiques they were child-proof?

Did they think sugar would calm the children down?

Did they think putting sugar and kids and priceless antiques in a party room together would actually work?

But this is exactly what the folks at Zip HydroTap did recently for a new video. They placed two mums in two birthday party situations with delicious and sugary food – and priceless antiques they had to try not to break.


This video is not safe viewing for the faint-hearted or any parent who has a child’s birthday party on the horizon, or anyone who owns antiques.

Or anyone who is thinking of having children and may be forever turned off by a too real glimpse of parenting.

If you’re brave, check it out:

Yep – there’s nothing more stress-filled (for parents) than hosting a children’s birthday party. The planning and organising and food preparation and cake and presents and invitations and the mountains of money and wet wipes it takes to pull it all off… Thankfully there are easy ways for parents to reduce stress, and I mean easy.

Because in fact, staying well hydrated relieves stress. Stress can have all sort of effects on your wellbeing, including headaches, low energy and irritability, all of which can be alleviated by water. It’s what Zip calls the Zip Effect, and it goes a little something like this.

Water can:

  1. Hydrate you which increases mental alertness.
  2. Improve your overall health so you can run around after your family.
  3. Give you added vitality so you can clean and eat leftovers for hours on end.
  4. Transform your wellbeing.

With a Zip HydroTap in your home you can have lovely cool water on hand at all hours of the day as well as instant boiling water for that long-awaited cup of tea.

Yep – there’s nothing more stress-filled (for parents) than hosting a children’s birthday party.

I take mine strong, with one sugar (raw) and lots of light milk. I prefer the red and white polka dot mug.

What? You don’t have time to make me a cup of tea?

Too bad, because I know where the leftover cake is.

Do you have any birthday party horror stories?

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