Birth plans: waste of time or good idea? Discuss.

So, I go to my obstetrician for my regular monthly check-up. We’re
getting towards the business end of this pregnancy – the final
trimester – so it’s time to talk birth.

“What’s the plan?” he asks.
“Epidural” I say, so fast that I almost spit the word out onto his desk.
“Right,” he says, looking down at my notes to trigger his memory of my last birth: short labour, no drugs. “You know you could do it without an epidural if you wanted to.”
At this point, my husband (who is there with me) and I speak at the same time.
Me: “But I don’t WANT to do it without an epidural!”
“Please, no, I couldn’t bear to hear about it for the next ten years if
she has to give birth again without an epidural.”

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