Mum says she was 'haunted' by midwife's confession after her birth.

A woman in the UK says she is “haunted” by the image of midwife, Joanne Lumsden, holding her newborn, while being fully aware that she had engaged in sexual relations with the baby’s father while the mother was pregnant.

Sarah* told The Liverpool Echo that the midwife held her baby before sharing that she had been sleeping with Sarah’s partner since a trip to a Spanish resort more than nine months prior. Since that trip, the father’s behaviour had changed, and he missed scans and appointments, and ultimately the birth, Sarah said.

“As a mum who was looking forward to the birth of her last baby, I was subjected to the most horrific ordeal any mother to be could ever imagine,” she said.

“As any woman about to give birth to their baby would understand, I put my utmost trust and confidence into the hands of a midwife who I thought was a medical professional with mine and my daughter’s best interests at heart.”

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An official complaint has been filed with Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Sarah was recovering from a caesarean when Lumsden told her about the affair, including how she had “rubbed suncream” into Sarah’s partner’s back when they first met. According to Sarah, Lumsden later called her to give her further details.

She told the Echo, “This has amounted to the destruction of a family.”

“Ms Lumsden chose to ignore a series of opportunities to declare the conflict of interest in the many months, weeks and days leading up to the birth of my daughter. Instead she took matters into her own hands and made sure she was present that day.

“As a woman, I am now left with a life-long memory of the midwife holding my new-born baby in her arms with the knowledge that she was having sexual relations with my baby’s father during my pregnancy and being fully aware that I was under the care of her place of work.”

A spokesperson for Liverpool Women’s Hospital told The Sun, “We would like to apologise for the upset caused to the patient as a result of their experience”.

An internal investigation is being conducted.

*Name has been changed.