Bindi Irwin's boyfriend is our kind of guy.

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It makes you wonder, would your fella do the same?

After an amazing stint on the US version of Dancing with the Stars, it turns out Bindi Irwin’s feet are a total mess.

On Monday night’s episode she revealed she has so far lost four toenails during the gruelling competition.

The wildlife warrior also showed numerous bruises, blisters and swollen knees due to falls during rehearsals.

“They (my nails) are all superglued because I actually lost another nail in dress rehearsal and if it pops off, it bleeds,” said Bindi, 17.

“I have holes in my feet and the toenails keep falling off, but if I superglue them down, they don’t rip as much and they don’t hurt as much.”

But what made us feel really sweet inside was the revelation that her boyfriend, pro-wakeboarder Chandler Powell, 18, had been tending to her sad, sore feet.

“He was the one helping soothe and tape my feet every day,” Bindi said. “At one point, one of my toenails fell off and flew past him.

“He said, ‘Oh. It’s a good thing I love you.’ It was just so gross but I felt so bad.”

We also love Bindi for showing the US what it means to be a hardcore Aussie chick. She did her whole performance without a single wince of pain.

“I am one to never complain, I try so hard to always be a positive person. I want to stay, I do not want to go home,” said Bindi.