Bindi Irwin got her licence and made the sweetest tribute to her dad.

Bindi Irwin, that adorable, disturbingly articulate little kid in the khakis, can now drive a car. By herself. With no adult present. All alone.

In other news, we feel ancient.

The 17-year-old took to social media to announce that she is now the proud owner of a shiny, new set of “P” plates. Bindi also revealed that, in a touching tribute, she took the test in her father’s old car.

“Thank you so much to Constable Joshua Little and Queensland Police for testing me today and giving me my license [sic],” she wrote. “It was wonderful to take my test in St George and pass the first time and in my Dad’s giant old ute!”

Bindi will be spending her 18th birthday having takeaway Chinese with her boyfriend and family. Image via Instagram/bindisueirwin

Bindi will be celebrating her 18th birthday on 24 July, but as the Wildlife Warrior told the Courier Mail, the festivities will be far from, well, wild. The teetotaller will be staying in with her mum, brother and boyfriend and enjoying Chinese takeaway, a cup of tea and a movie.

“I might even have two cups of tea if I’m feeling really wild,” Bindi said. “Let me tell you — I’ve never even had Coca Cola because I try to avoid things like caffeine.”

We appreciate your commitment, Bindi. And no doubt your more boozy friends will appreciate your licence.

Watch Bindi’s tribute to her dad, Steve, on Dancing With The Stars:

Video by ABC