Bindi Irwin might be winning on DWTS but some people aren't happy with the result.

Image: YouTube.

After swapping her khakis for dancing costumes, Bindi Irwin has been enjoying incredible success on the US Dancing With The Stars.

Just a week after nailing the iconic Dirty Dancing lift that we’ve all secretly wanted to attempt, the 17 year old earned herself a second perfect score with a Halloween-inspired tango – but it seems not everyone is #TeamBindi. (Post continues after video.)

Video via ABC

Many viewers have taken angrily to Twitter to accuse the competition of being “rigged” and playing favourites with the Aussie teen, who’s the current favourite to take out the trophy.

“Gosh, @DancingABC judges are a joke! Bindi could go out there and just sit and they’d give her all 10s,” wrote Riley Stewart.

Another put it plainly: “If u not Bindi u not getting a 10 hate to say it #DWTS.”

Image: Twitter.

Look, it certainly can't hurt that Irwin's dance partner Derek Hough's sister Julianne happens to sit on the judging panel (to put it in perspective, that's like Dani Minogue judging sister Kylie on a singing competition) there's no denying that the 17 year old is talented.

"Bindi has become such a great dancer, but more importantly she embodies the character. I don't teach that. I can teach her so many things about technique, but the performance comes from the soul," Hough told People. (Post continues after gallery.)


Aside from continuing to convince Americans that Australians are all surrounded by exotic animals 24-7, Irwin's also got a sentimental reason for competing on the show.

"Whenever dad would see me dancing around the zoo he would cry. I think that's the real reason why I'm doing this, to make him proud and the rest of Australia proud," she told People. 

So let's back Bindi and celebrate her success rather than trying to tear her down. After all, nobody puts Bindi in the corner.

Have you been watching Bindi's performances?

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