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Oh. Fans are convinced there was an X-rated moment on last night’s Married at First Sight.

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Billy Billy Billy.

It has come to our attention after watching last night’s episode of Married at First Sight that you may or may not have… flashed your penis on national television.

Before we get to the facts, we thought it worth exploring Billy’s wardrobe…to set the scene.

Exhibit A:

Hawaiian Billy.
Hawaiian Billy.

Exhibit B:

Mormon Billy.
Mormon Billy.

Exploring the genres, love it. Great.

But last night we got an insight into what Billy wears to bed...and it appears to be not much.

In the offending scene, Billy has been banished from the bedroom because his new wife Susie doesn't like him.

He takes the couch, and doesn't like it. Susie, apparently, can hear him huffing and puffing all night.

In the morning, she comes and sits on the edge of the couch to scold him for being a child about sleeping on the couch.

billy naked
Is this the relaxed stance perhaps, of a very comfortable Billy?

Despite Billy's obvious discomfort at Susie's words, he also looks very...comfortable...(perhaps because he's secretly naked?)

He proceeds to tell Susie that it was very cold last night. (WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS THEN BILLY)

They continue to talk, Susie leaves, and then BAM. Billy swings his legs off the couch and we are presented with this:



A concerned viewer shared a photo of how the scene appeared on their television screen, and goodness it's more serious than we thought:

Billy on the couch

For now, we're hoping it's red underwear. Surely.

Surely his underwear just looks a lot like genitals.

But maybe also don't direct a camera lens at a man's crotch while he gets up. That'd work too....

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