The kid from Billy Elliot is all grown up. And very muscular.

Billy Elliot isn’t a little boy with an incredible love of dance anymore.

It’s been 15 years since Billy Elliot was released. Fifteen long years since we saw a tiny 11-year-old boy give up boxing class for ballet slippers and follow his  dreams.

Billy Elliot was played by a small child called Jamie Bell who had the face of a seven-year-old, despite being 14 when the film was released.

Bell is now 29. Which makes us feel approximately one billion years old.

Here’s a comparison shot, if you’re at all interested.

jamie bell
Jamie Bell then and now. Right image via Getty.

Not bad.

Turns out Bell is still acting. If you think about it really hard, you’ve probably seen him in a few movies since. He was in a movie called Jumper, he did the voice of Tin Tin and he’s about to star in the new Fantastic Four.

He’s also a father. And a former husband. Jamie and his Green Day video co-star Evan Rachel Wood were married from 2012-2014 and had a son in 2013. They divorced in 2014 and as far as our Google stalking tells us, Jamie’s pretty single right now.

billy elliot then and now
Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell in 2011. Image via Getty.

Click through the gallery below to see more recent photos of him.

Of course, we can’t just revisit one character from Billy Elliot. We’ve dug up recent photos of all the stars of the film. Time for a Monday reminiscing session, hey?


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