The two hair changes that ruled the Billboard Music Awards red carpet.

Don’t let the sparkly dresses distract you – the beauty looks on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet deserve their time in the spotlight too.

In particular, Rihanna and Jessica Alba, who decided to use the fancy event to show us all their new ‘dos. Clever move, ladies.

1. Rihanna

After a well-noted absence at this year’s Met Gala, all eyes were on Rihanna and she didn’t let us down. Gone were her lengthy extensions, instead she’s owning a slightly wavy textured lob with a messy fringe.

Low key. Lovely.

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2. Jessica Alba

She's joined the dark side. In keeping with her all-black ensemble, Alba opted for a very dark brown (almost black) hair update instead of her usual balayage. We can't decide which is more striking - that smokey blue eye or quirky pony-bun hybrid.

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3. Lucy Hale.

Her slicked back centre part lets her eyes do all the talking.

Image: Getty

4. Mila Kunis

Any chance that ballerina bun was Black Swan-inspired?

Image: getty

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5. Kelly Rowland.

Glowing. Just GLOWING.

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6. Meghan Trainor

Proof that purple deserves a place in your makeup collection.

Image: Getty

7. Ariana Grande

When you find a look that works, why not stick with it?

Image: Getty

8. Demi Lovato

Forget about a bold lip - tonight it was all about statement eyes. Demi's? One of our favourites.

Image: Getty

9. Zendaya

Your lesson in how to make neutrals pack a punch.

Image: Getty

10. Keke Palmer

The red carpet favourite's Tinkerbell-faux-fringe is a winner.

Image: Getty

 Image: Getty.

What makeup trend from the red carpet are you loving at the moment?