We asked Bill and Malcolm to tell us why to vote for them in 60 seconds.

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Got no idea who to vote for?

Swinging more wildly than a pair of knickers on the line in a stiff breeze?

Yep. We feel you. And look, we can’t tell you what to do or how to vote or what to think.

So we rang Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull and asked them to tell us in 60 seconds why we should choose them.

An elevator pitch. Shark Tank Style.

Who will Shark and who will tank?

I drew their names out of a hat to see who went first. (No bias here)

First up? Bill Shorten. He rang while he was in the back of the car and we had a good chat. I have to say, he went slightly over 60 seconds, possibly even to 61 or 62, but it felt rude to interrupt him while he was on such a roll.  You can totally tell his media adviser was madly scribbling on a piece of paper "WOMEN'S THINGS WOMEN WOMEN TALK ABOUT THE WOMEN" which is great. He did just that. Thanks, Bill.

Malcolm Turnbull was next and my stopwatch was ready and waiting.  I imagined him sitting behind a mahogany desk, leather jacket on, steely gaze fixed on his face. Except he never got back to me.

I contacted his press office several times. No dice.

So I hope you don’t mind but I’ve kind of cobbled together what Malc has been saying lately so you can get an idea:

So there you have it, I hope that helps you decide.

Though, you know the only three-letter slogan you really need in your life? Mamamia Out Loud.

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