Tanya Plibersek on the story behind Bill Shorten's spectacular dad dancing.

Thanks for clearing that up, Tanya.

In case you missed it, there is a video of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten doing some pretty epic dad-dancing floating around on social media.

It turns out, there is actually a lovely explanation…

Our trip to the Pacific got a bit of unexpected attention for the daggy dancing Bill and I were caught doing.

But you need to watch this video to see real dancers of Kiribati:

These kids will blow you away!!!

They learn at home, often from their grandparents, and practise for hours – especially when they have an inter-island competition coming up.

Better than sitting around on an iPad!

When they asked their “special guests” to join them on the dance floor, how could we say no?

Anyway – I told Bill it was good practise for his daughters’ weddings.

Got to prepare for that father of the bride dance….

Do you know a better Dad dancer than Bill Shorten?

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