Cartoonist compares same-sex marriage advocates to Nazis.

Editorial cartoonist Bill Leak has drawn yet another controversial cartoon today, published in The Australian.

The cartoon depicts a group of men, dressed in rainbow attire, marching like an army with violent batons in tow.

The image has created a stir on Twitter, where it was shared by the account Bill Leak explained, alongside the caption: ‘The Gay Agenda has become Stasi-esque.’

People are understandably outraged, with the term ‘Bill Leak’ trending on Twitter, and tweets criticising the cartoonist and the image continuing to grow.



While we’re yet to hear whether there is some as-yet unacknowledged context for his cartoon, it’s not the first time Lean has taken aim at same-sex marriage advocates in his work.

In 2011 when Bob Katter’s gay half brother was splashed across the news, Leak drew a cartoon depicting the politician in a pub discussing a “new law that would allow gay couples to get married” . In the background, a man standing with his arm around a kangaroo says “we don’t think it goes far enough.”
Image via The Australian.

Leak also found himself the centre of criticism recently with a cartoon perceived as an "attack" on Indigenous Australians was published. It showed one Indigenous man saying to another, "You'll have to sit down and talk to your son about personal responsibility," while the other said, "Yeah righto what's his name then?"

 Muriel Bamblett, the chief executive of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency, said it painted Aboriginal people as "not knowing about their children and not having any role in raising their children".
Image via The Australian.

The cartoonist nonetheless defended his work, describing those who criticised him as "sanctimonious Tweety Birds having a tantrum".

 We wonder if this will be his response again.