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1. Disturbing details from the manifesto of Jake Bilardi.

A disturbing blog has emerged detailing the mindset of Australian teenager Jake Bilardi who is thought to have died in a suicide bomb attack in Iraq on Wednesday night.

His 4,400-word online manifesto, which he apparently wrote in January, details how he planned to attack Melbourne by “launching a string of bombings across Melbourne, targeting foreign consulates and political/military targets as well as grenade and knife attacks on shopping centres and cafes and culminating with myself detonating a belt of explosives amongst the kuffar [infidels]”.

Plans to attack Melbourne.

He says he began “collecting materials for the explosives and prepared to start making the devices”, but then stopped as he feared he would be detected.

“I realised that the authorities were oblivious to my plans but if anything was to attract their attention it would be my purchasing of chemicals and other bomb-making materials and so I ceased the planning of Plan B and sat waiting until everything was prepared and I could exit the country undetected.”

Victorian Police have confirmed that bomb-making equipment was found at his home.

The Age reports that the government is now seeking an urgent briefing from national security and law enforcement agencies.

2. Bali Nine duo still in limbo.

After Bali Nine duo, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran had their case adjourned to March 19, the Indonesian Government has now confirmed it will allow several pending legal cases to run their course before it proceeds with any executions.

The two still wait in limbo.

News Limited reports that Indonesian Attorney-General HM Prasetyo indicated through a spokesman that they still wished to proceed with executing 11 people simultaneously.

“From the start, we already planned that we will execute them together,” Mr Spontana said. “That’s why we have gathered them in the one place.

“Since the beginning, there is no change in plan.”

Meanwhile, a plan revealed yesterday by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to pay for the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran has been criticised by Jakarta.

Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said the matter wasn’t open for negotiation, reports News Limited.

“I want to stress that it is not a matter of negotiation as has been said by the president and the foreign minister,” he told reporters in Jakarta.

“This is a matter of law enforcement.”

3. Pete Evans says he loves the controversy.

Just a day after Pete Evan’s cookbook, “Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way” was pulled from the shelves after experts — including the health department — expressed concerns over some of the recipes, the author has hit back.

Evan’s book has been pulled from the shelves./

At a seminar in Geelong he said he relished the controversy, reports News Limited.

“I bet you I’m on the … news right now: ‘Pete Evans wants to kill your babies’,’’ he said.

“I love it. It gets me up in the morning, puts a smile on my face.’’

He claimed that commentators were “poorly researched” and wrongly gave the impression plaeo was “slabs and slabs of meat and something to do with cavemen and dinosaurs”.

He said that eating his way would be the norm in a few years and that paleo cafes were opening up “faster than McDonald’s.”

For an opinion piece on Pete Evan’s read this.

4. Calls for alleged Australian paedophile Peter Scully to be executed.

Warning this item contains details of sexual abuse and paedophillia and may be distressing f0r some readers.

Many in the Philippines are calling for a re-introduction of the death penalty for alleged Australian paedophile Peter Scully.

Scully is accused of live-streaming the sexual abuse of babies and children to clients in numerous countries, including Australia.

Children as young as 18 months are alleged to be among his victims.

Fairfax Media reports that he has offered to provide a full report to show his remorse.

He told a TV interviewer “ I will make a very in-depth … not just comment, but report. That’s how remorseful I am.”

The remains of a teenage girl were found under the floor of a house Scully he allegedly rented in 2013.

Scully faces life imprisonment if convicted in the Philippines but many are calling for the death penalty which was banned in The Philippines in 2006.

5. Tropical Cyclones.

There are three tropical cyclones bashing the coast of Australia at the moment.

In WA Tropical Cyclone category three Tropical Cyclone Olwyn is southwest of Exmouth.

In Queensland Tropical Cyclone Nathan is bringing heavy rain and strong winds to parts of far north Queensland.

And Tropical Cyclone Pam is set to hit Vanuatu tonight. The cyclone as been upgraded to category five.

The storm is expected to reach winds of up to 280 kilometres per hour near its centre when it passes east of Vanuatu’s capital, Port Villa, on Friday night.

6. Palmer United Party Senator Glenn Lazarus has announced on Facebook that he is quitting the party and will now stand as an Independent.

“This was a difficult decision,” he wrote.

Palmer United Party Senator Glenn Lazarus

“I have a different view of team work. Given this, I felt it best that I resign from the party and pursue my senate role as an independent senator.”

7. Grandfather pleads guilty to rape and sexual assault of granddaughters in Alice Springs.

Warning: This item contains details about sexual abuse and may be distressing for some readers.



An Alice Springs man who raped and sexually assaulted his two young granddaughters has pleaded guilty to all charges in the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

The victims, now aged 21 and 17, said they had been living with depression and now struggled to form healthy relationships with men because of the abuse.

The 65-year-old man was extradited from interstate, 12 years after the crimes took place, to face two charges of sexual intercourse without consent and five charges of indecent dealing with a child under 16 years.

The court heard the grandfather raped one girl and sexually assaulted the other in several separate incidents during visits over a six-month period in 2002.

A statement of facts detailed a series of incidents when he molested the elder girl, then aged eight.

During one incident, he waited for her to come out of the bathroom after a shower, called her into his room and forced her to have sex with him.

In her police statement, she said she did not want to do it, but did not want to get in trouble.

On another occasion, the offender pulled her pants down in the living room and rubbed her groin.

Another time, the offender called the girl into his room where he was naked on his bed and asked her to rub lotion on his genitals.

On that occasion, her father called out because it was time to leave and she ran away.

The statement of facts also included a further instance when the grandfather masturbated into a condom and gave it to the girl, who flushed it down the toilet.

In a victim impact statement, the now 21-year-old woman said the assaults had left a lasting impact on her.

“I self sabotage and I believe I don’t have the right to be happy,” she said.

“I am nervous around all men and have big trust issues, which affects my relationships.”

The court heard the man had a long criminal history, which included a conviction for “extremely serious offending against his daughter in 1990”.

The offender had divorced his wife at the time of the offences but was living in the same house in a separate room.

The children would often come around to visit with their father.

The offences all happened between February and August 2002, but were not reported to the Child Protection Unit until 2009.

The man is due to be sentenced next month.


A version of this story was originally published on ABC and has been republished with full permission

For support 24/7, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). 

8. Father’s reaction to leaving his daughter in a hot car goes viral.

A poignant video showing the very real dangers of leaving kids in hot cars has gone viral. It shows the moment a father realises he has left his child in his car on a hot day.

It comes in there wake of several devastating hot car deaths in Australia and New Zealand.

For more read this post here.

9. Two police officers shot outside Ferguson police department.

Two police officers have been shot outside the Ferguson Police department during a protest just hours after the city’s police chief, Thomas Jackson, announced his resignation.

A 32-year-old officer was shot in the face and a 41-year-old officer was hit in the shoulder. Both are being treated in a local hospital.

President Barack Obama has tweeted his reaction to the news.

 10. Author Sir Terry Pratchett has died, aged 66.

Sir Terry Pratchett, fantasy author and creator of the Discworld series, has died aged 66,

Sir Terry Pratchett

He had been diagnosed with diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease eight years ago.

“The world has lost one of its brightest, sharpest minds,” said Larry Finlay of his publishers Transworld.

The author died at home, surrounded by his family, “with his cat sleeping on his bed”.

Sir Terry wrote more than 70 books during his career.

 11. Frozen sequel announced.

In news that will make any girl under the age of seven squeal in delight Disney chief Bob Iger and Pixar boss John Lasseter have announced that there will be a Frozen 2.

Frozen is back!

Yes you read it right. Frozen the sequel.

The announcement comes just days the film’s two directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck said there were no plans for a sequel. “Until we find our way into what’s next emotionally, it will feel too big,” Lee had said.

But Disney has confirmed it is coming and Lee and Buch will again direct.

It comes just as Frozen Fever, a short animated film about the Frozen characters debuts in cinemas around the world.

There is no news on a release date for the Frozen 2 film, and whether or not Olaf, Sven or any of the supporting cast of trolls will return to the big screen.

Anna and Elsa are a hot tip to be making their return as they just can’t Let it Go. 

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