The strange reason this innocent party photo has been shared thousands of times.

Why, oh, why does this keep happening?

Are the days where you could just take a regular photo without it turning into looking like something else, gone forever?

Another person has fallen victim to their slightly awkward photo going viral after this was posted on Imgur:

bikini optical illusion

Looks fine, right?

At first glance, there's just a bunch of pals hanging out. Beers, cigars, rubber dinghies, and a grand old time next to the creek.

But, friends, look closer.

Not everything is as it seems.

Let's zoom in:

bikini optical illusion

Can you see it yet?

Alright, a lil' closer:

bikini optical illusion

That's right.

That guy is harmlessly holding a can of beer, and that woman is harmlessly standing there.

But, just the way his arm is curved, etc., makes it look like her bikini bottoms are awol.

Just another thing for me to worry about next time when I'm wearing a bikini.


According to The Sun, the image has tallied up over 80,000 views, with many people wishing they were at that *type* of party.

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