Out of all the sex toys Australians purchased in 2017, one clear trend has emerged.

2017 has been a big year for a lot of people/things/activities.

It’s been a big year in politics. It’s been a big year in memes. It’s been an even bigger year in pegging.

Because according to Love Honey, The Sexual Happiness People, the biggest sex trend of 2017 is role reversal.

“Our sales of beginning ‘pegging’ kits, (pegging is where the female takes control, wears a dildo in a harness and penetrates the man) have gone crazy this year,” Gemma Pestel, Head of Lovehoney’s retail sales team and an expert in predicted sex trends, tells Mamamia.

“We launched a beginner’s kit in our Broad City range which sold out quickly, and we’ve seen an uplift in strap-ons in general. We’ve had lots on enquiries from curious female customers wanting to know how to peg, where to peg, and what to buy to make it happen.”

Listen: P.S. buying sex toys isn’t exactly, uh, necessary. (Post continues…)

Pestel adds when it comes to the company’s best-selling products for the year, there should be no real surprises. Just your average items that are good at delivering orgasms quickly, of course.

“Our top-sellers in Australia have been the Greedy GirlDoxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand Vibrator and the classic Jessica Rabbit 10 function Rabbit Vibrator. All classic items that focus on achieving orgasm – and achieving it quickly.”

She says there’s something particularly efficient about the rabbit-shaped vibrator.

“The Rabbit shape is the best thing you can use to achieve a blended orgasm, (clitoral and g-spot climax simultaneously) whereas a Wand is super concentrated and intense, wherever you want it to be.”

And what about next year?

Pestel says it’s all about the products that work for anyone and anything.

“Ultra-lifelike! Texture, veins, colour, squirting… all-singing, all-dancing, multi-function products that tick every box and work for any gender.”

Sounds… good?