The fashion accessory you shouldn't be wearing anymore.

Stop the clocks, grab some tissues and dust off your darkest clothing.

It’s official. Your favourite go-to summer accessory is dead. Over. Finished. No more etc.

Remember today as the day you learnt that big sunglasses have been decreed a fashion faux pas. They’re no longer cool.

Well, at least according to Kanye West.

The rapper reportedly sent his wife Kim Kardashian an email (what an old-school romantic) requesting that she stop wearing big sunglasses and wear smaller ones, please.

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Bigger is no longer better, you see.

And if we hadn’t been so busy doing our jobs, living our lives and taking a stand against the gender pay gap then we might have noticed the signs.

Influencers of Instagram and celebs like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been championing the ’90s style baby sunglasses for a while now.

Coming in hot Derby day ???? H&MU: @monicagingold_beauty Stylist: @suzeskander

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The whole point of these sunnies is they’re well, pointless. They’re just an accessory. Designed to be super slim or narrow so they actually don’t cover or protect your eyes from the sun at all.

Yes, you’ll probably end up squinting the whole time. No, don’t WORRY about it. Think of it as squats for your eyes.



You’ll also give your face muscles a work out whenever you wear them, thanks to the unspoken fashion RULE (which is basically law as we know) that you can’t actually wear them properly in front of your eyes. Instead, they must sit suggestively right at the tip of your nose.

Here’s Kendall to show you how.

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To be fair, big sunglasses had a good run. For years, we pretended to be an old Hollywood movie star or a D-grade noughties celebrity hiding from the paparazzi with our big shades to cover our faces.

They concealed hangovers, red eyes from crying and bad eyeshadow decisions. They suited most face shapes and - probably most importantly - they were actually rather sun smart.

Goodbye, big shades. We'll always think of you fondly

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