An incredible victory for those who wear giant granny knickers.

Rejoice, far and wide.

Today, as we walk down the street, us huge-knicker-wearers shall hold our head high. We shall walk with a SPRING in our STEP and a GLINT in our EYE and NARY a WEDGIE in SIGHT.

The New York Times has called it: granny knickers are in.

That’s right. NEW YORK, the FASHUNN CAPITAL of the WORRRRLD, says big arse, comfy undies are on-trend. Women are collectively turning their backs on g-bangers and instead, stock piling high waisted cotton undies.

Way to finally catch up, New York.

BRB just getting some undies out of my drawer.

Reportedly, sales of g-strings have plummeted as women finally realise having a sliver of fabric rubbing between your bum cheeks is actually horrible.

Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst at the market intelligence firm Euromonitor, said huge undies are a growing trend. “Within millennial and Generation Y consumer groups, it’s considered cool to be wearing full-bottom underwear,” she said.

Bernadette. Come on, darls. You didn’t need to analyse the market intelligence of consumer groups. Listen to our podcast. We talked about this MONTHS ago, Bernadette. MONTHS. AGO. At the time, it was a shocking confession to make. But now, lets call it what it was – trend forecasting:

My foray into huge knickers happened by accident while I was living with my parents. My usual fodder of too-small-too- colourful and too-scratchy-with-the-lace had run dry. I needed fresh knicker.  And in desperation, I dug into my mum’s top drawer.

They were cotton. Beige. Two sizes too big.  And despite my initial trepidation, the moment I pulled them up to just under my nipples, they were the most comfortable underwear experience I’ve known.

It was a life-changing moment. And I’ve never looked back.

Doing the “Pippa Middleton” out front of Westminster Abbey. Huge knickers included.

So now, the top drawer of my dresser houses the most fashionable collection in the Southern Hemisphere. Again, thank you, New York.

FINALLY, the Big W undies department can compete with the giant fashion houses of Europe.

And now, in your face, lace. You’re wrong, thong. Bikini cut, you’re in a rut. Cos now we can all get a piece of fashion by dropping a tenner on a three-pack at Big dubs.

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