Big Brother evictee suffers mortifying wardobe malfunction on live TV.

There are some things you just shouldn’t agree to on live television and twerking in a tight dress is one of them.

Ex-Big Brother UK contestant Lateysha Grace must have missed the memo because she agreed to demonstrate a booty-shake to an audience of thousands.

Unfortunately Grace seemed to have too much rhythm for too little a dress and it burst open mid-shake.

Literally. Burst.

Grace was appearing on the Big Brother late night offshoot program Bit on the Side.

Big Brother UK dress split
Source: Screenshot/Channel 4.

It seems host Rylan Clark-Neal just couldn't contain his delight.

Grace may have made a live TV no-no but she took it like a champion and just laughed it off.

Stand tall, Lateysha Grace, you've earned it.

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