Big Brother's Tully Smyth is worried she is "going to die alone".

Big Brother contestant Tully Smyth has written about her quarter-life crisis and fears of dying alone in an emotional blog post.

Smyth, who appeared on the 2013 series of the reality show, wrote that her recent 28th birthday threw her into “a tailspin”.

While recent rumours suggested Smyth was dating Bachelorette star Richie Strahan, Smyth’s post indicates that she is in fact single and looking for a partner.

Tully Smyth. Image via Instagram.

She wrote: “I can’t even lock down a second Tinder date...In fact at this very second, as I write this, I have no partner, no job (my four-month contract at one of Melbourne’s top PR agencies has just ended) and as of Christmas, no home either (my housemates are getting married in January and weirdly, want the place to themselves. $100 says my room has a crib in it by Easter).

"Every single one of my friends are getting engaged...some are even having babies. On purpose...I'm going to die alone," she continued.

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However, she went on to say that instead of "wallowing", she planned to make the most of her single status by spending a year overseas, either in New York, London or Los Angeles.

“Despite my constant moaning about the single life, [there] is something very liberating about being alone. About having no strings tying you down, no responsibilities holding you back," she admitted.

Image via Instagram @tee_smyth.

"Today, we are as young as we're ever going to be and if we don't travel now, when will we? Now is the best time to get out there and explore the wonderful world around us," Smyth added.

We've all been there, Tully. And we're sure a break overseas will be all you need to get back on track.

Did you ever go through a quarter life crisis? 

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