Did sex happen in the Big Brother house? This guy knows the answer.




It’s icky but intriguing. Let’s do this quickly.

Skye and Leo were a couple on Big Brother.

This is Skye and Leo.

Skye is 20 and from the Gold Coast. Leo is 30 and from Canada.

Love happened. Well… the kind of love that forms when you’re shoved together with no better options for 47 days.

And good ol’ sex-crazed Big Brother liked to make us think they got it on in the house. Bumped uglies. Hubba-hubba’d. Danced the horizontal mambo.

So did they?

According to Leo: No.

Leo (who’s name is actually Ryan, just to add a little confusion) was evicted last night from the house.

“I can say that rumour is totally false, it’s completely untrue,” said Leo, on the subject of nookie. “We both had a very distinct line that we knew we’d never cross in the house. We were quite affectionate with each other and we did hook up but we never came close to doing anything inappropriate.”

“I’ll obviously see her when she gets out. We may just end up being really close friends or it may develop into something else. That remains to be seen.”

Congratulations, Leo and Skye, on not having a reality TV sex tape. Does Hallmark do a card for that?


Big Brother. Riveting.


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