This is what the Big Brother housemates actually eat - and it's crazy

Images: Big Brother 2014

In the Big Brother house, food is a very big deal. The housemates have hardly anything to do outside of challenges, chats, nominations, evictions and crosses to Sonia. That leaves endless hours and days to fill and food takes on a new meaning.

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Food becomes entertainment, busy work, stimulation and it also becomes the centre of major blow ups in the house. Like when Skye ate too much of the jelly that had been made for an after dinner treat. She angrily showed Lawson that they had plenty left. But it wasn’t made up, Skye! You jelly hog.

Big Brother knows exactly how to mess with the housemates, and one of the ways he does it is to mess with their food. Their first week in the house involved Katie and Priya accepting $10,000 each, with the trade off being the house had to exist on meal replacement shakes for seven days.

The housemates were offered very expensive food, which Katie and Priya had to pay for, but it wasn’t enough. When food came back to the house, watching them eat was almost pornographic - especially food hog Dion (below, right) who was NOT happy about having to drink meal replacement shakes.

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Let’s take a look at food in the Big Brother house under normal circumstances now. What exactly do the housemates eat? Here’s how it works.

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So that’s the down low when it comes to BB food. Let’s hope the housemates keep on winning those weekly challenges or it’s going to be a little lean in the house. Sardines, anyone?

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