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A proposal and moving to another country: Where the 2020 Big Brother contestants are now.

Over the last two decades, the introduction of reality TV has virtually changed the shape of pop culture, creating an entirely new brand of celebrity and a new way to find fame. 

As we've all grown accustomed to, a reality TV appearance often comes with a public profile and an increase in Instagram followers.

But what's it actually like to return to real life after a stint on reality TV?

The Big Brother 2020 contestants face their fears. Post continues below.

Video via Channel Seven.

Last year, Channel Seven resurrected Big Brother Australia for the first time in six years - and they've brought it back once again this year.

Last year, however, was a season like no other.

While returning to real life after living in the Big Brother house has always been considered a challenge, 2020 was an entirely different ball game. The housemates were filming the show when Australia was plunged into a nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And as a result, the contestants re-entered a world that had completely changed.

In fact, some housemates weren't even able to attend the finale due to interstate travel restrictions.

A year on, here's what the lives of the Big Brother 2020 contestants are like now.

Chad Hurst


Chad Hurst was crowned the winner of Big Brother 2020 after gaining the most live votes.

After winning $234,000, Chad gave Sophie Budack a "bloody good amount" of the winnings after the pair promised to split the money if either of them won the competition.

While Chad and Sophie shared a relationship in the house, the pair are no longer dating. Sophie confirmed that the pair had split up on her YouTube channel due to long distance (with her returning to Europe after the finale).

Although Chad initially struggled to get work following Big Brother due to the pandemic, the 27-year-old has returned to work as a model.

"Things are starting to pick up," he told the Daily Mail in August.

"It's been a good ride after Big Brother. It's definitely been a positive experience."

While Chad often worked overseas prior to the coronavirus pandemic, he has been unable to travel overseas for work due to travel restrictions.

Sophie Budack


Sophie Budack was the runner-up of Big Brother 2020.

Since her time on the show, the 26-year-old has launched a YouTube channel and a travel blog. She has also been working as an influencer.

Following the finale, Sophie returned to her home country of the Netherlands after struggling to find work in Sydney. Late last year she said she had decided to make the move back to Australia, however it's unclear when that will be.

"My plan was always to come back," she shared on Instagram.

"When I first came back to the Netherlands, it was only supposed to be for three months, but with coronavirus it kind of just carried on a bit longer than expected."

Daniel Gorringe


Former AFL player Daniel Gorringe finished third on Big Brother.

Speaking on an episode of Nova Podcast The Babble last yearDaniel admitted he was expecting new opportunities after Big Brother.

"I think for me going into the Big Brother house the main thing was I wanted to do something that I thoroughly enjoyed and that was entertaining people and trying to make people laugh," he said. 

"I thought coming out of the house all of these opportunities would open up, but with COVID-19, it was the total opposite. Everything just dried up and then I'm still just the same nobody that I am now."

He also shared that he's now working as a carpenter.

After speaking on The Babble, Daniel publicly called out the Daily Mail for a story the publication ran about his life after reality TV.

"I’ve spoken openly about my struggles with my mental health so I can help change the stigma, especially with men, that it’s not a weakness," he tweeted.

"I still suffer from anxiety daily and articles like this just amaze me how no one is held responsible," he added.

"I love my family, friends, my work as a carpenter, my Instagram where I try and make people laugh and for my life to be called a sad reality is a kick in the guts."

In February, Daniel proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Ana Cannon.


Mat Garrick


Mat Garrick, 30, was the final housemate to be evicted before the finale.

It's believed the Broken Hill resident has returned to his role as a mining electrician.

Sarah McDougal

Sarah McDougal, 20, was a fan favourite on Big Brother.

Since her time on the show, Sarah has launched a YouTube channel, where she currently has about 7,000 subscribers.

With over 43,000 Instagram followers, the Melbourne resident has also shared sponsored content to her page. 

Kieran Davidson


Kieran Davidson walked away from the show with $15,000 after deciding to leave during the White Room challenge.

Speaking to The Wash, Kieran said he invested the money back into his business and YouTube channel.

"I purchased a brand new camera rig, drone and heaps of other equipment because I’m a videographer and need the equipment," he said.

On Channel Seven's Sunrise, Kieran reflected on what it was like becoming a household name in Adelaide after his time on the reality show.

"I went for a coffee with my mum and dad yesterday and they said, 'Let’s got to Rundle Mall' and I said 'Rundle Mall? That’s like the epicentre of Big Brother fans!'" he said.

"So I’m walking down Rundle Mall and there’s people, they’re coming over, taking photos with me... it was brilliant, I’m loving it guys."

Davidson has made a name for himself on TikTok, where he has nearly 250,000 followers.

Casey Mazzucchelli


Casey Mazzucchelli, 25, made it to the top seven on Big Brother.

Although she's now working as an influencer, Casey has deleted any photos related to Big Brother from her Instagram account.

Marissa Rancan

Marissa Rancan, who was the oldest Big Brother contestant, has returned to her work as a makeup artist.

The 61-year-old is also a proud ambassador for Polished Man, a charity that aims to end violence against children.

Hannah Campbell


Since leaving Big Brother, communications specialist Hannah Campbell has been using her newfound fame as a social media influencer.

Angela Clancy


Although she left early on in the competition, Angela Clancy was a fan favourite on the show.

Since her time on the show, Angela has been attending countless media events across Perth.

She has also been nominated for Favourite TV Contestant of the Decade for the AACTA Audience Choice Awards.

In October, the 37-year-old shared her dream of hosting Channel Seven's upcoming reboot of Australian Idol.

"I want to be the next Andrew G," she told the Daily Mail.

"I would love to host a talent show like Australian Idol."

Talia Rycroft

Talia Rycroft was seen as one of the 'villains' of the 2020 season, and was also evicted early on in the season despite forming an alliance with Daniel. 

Like many of the other contestants, she has forged an influencer career on Instagram, where she has more than 30,000 followers. 

Feature Image: Instagram.

This article was originally published on December 2, 2020 and was updated on May 9, 2021.