Thought Big Brother's Travis and Aisha wouldn't go the distance?

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of love blossom in the Big Brother house. Like Jess and Marty or Tully and Drew – but sadly, these relationships have lasted much longer than the duration of the show.

That is, unless you are last year’s contestants Aisha Jade and Travis Jake, who appear to be one reality TV couple that is set to go the distance.

The happy couple, Aisha and Travis. Image via Instagram.

The pair became a hot item early on the 2014 series and were front runners to take out the $200,000 prize, proving very popular with fans of the show. Travis was the eventual runner-up, losing out to Sydney sider Ryan Ginns.

It was obvious from the outset Travis was totally smitten when Aisha entered the house on day two of the television series. At one point requesting a private date with the former New Zealand beauty from Big Brother himself, who authorised a private dinner-date for the pair.

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Things have really heated up for the couple over the last six months, as they've enjoyed romantic overseas holidays together and even discussed the possibility of having a baby.

When asked about having children, Travis last year told The Daily Mail, "I’m 100 per cent keen for one. I’m already trying to knock her up. Mum’s always pressuring me because she wants to be a grandmother. I’ve got two brothers and I think she thinks I’m her best chance to be a grandmother now."

'Been living out of home for two weeks, someone please don't tell mummy I'm having chocolate for dinner! Soooo naughtyyy but soo goood!' - Travis. Image via Instagram.

However, the biggest step in their relationship recently, saw Travis move out of his mother's house in Melbourne to join Aisha in Sydney, despite the fact that the couple are not living together yet.

Aisha has also been busy, recently launching her own blog, 'Boy By Her', which is aimed at, "young chicks who don't want to be pretty all the time."

'WE ARE LIVE!! Go check it out lovers | This is just the beginning, so much more to come.' - Aisha. Image via Instagram.

“My style is different. I wear boys’ clothes and I’m not afraid to do that so I felt like there was a market for that style of blog,” she recently told The Daily Telegraph. 

"I have never been one of those chicks that needs the newest Prada handbag, I never will be. It is for the chicks that don’t want to be pretty all the time, who want to walk around in over-size gear and get away with it. I’m about wearing the latest trends and mixing it up with affordable stuff that you can get from your local shop like Kmart.”

It's so beautiful to see a happy ending pan out for our favourite reality TV couple. There are some serious relationship goals right there.

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