"12 beauty tricks I’ve learned from Big Brother"

Image: Katie, Priya and Skype – 3 of the house’s most fashion-forward ladies (Channel 9)

Every time I go to my local shopping centre I see girls doing all the things to their hair and faces that I see happening in the Big Brother house.

I’m not sure who started these trends. Did the cast of Big Brother 2014 start them? Or were they already around, and the contestants are merely reflecting on some brilliant beauty tips and tricks I had missed in a fog of busy-ness?

It seems that aside from being a very elaborate and expensive social experiment by Channel Nine, Big Brother is also the epicentre of some stunning beauty and fashion developments the rest of us need to start copying, today, now, yesterday.

Here are 12 beauty tips I’ve learned from this season and plan to begin copying immediately. The world needs theese tips and tricks. My bored face and hair need these tips and tricks.

And the brilliant thing is that they are all really easy to do.

Have you been watching Big Brother this year? What’s been your favourite beauty look?

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