A NSW town wants to erect The Big Bogan. We have reached peak Aussie.

Now this. This is an idea we can all get behind.

Forget the Big Banana, the Big Prawn or the Big Spud.  To hell with the Big Koala and the Big Merino. It’s over guys. Pack up and go home.

Because one Australian town has just bloody knocked it out of the park with their plan for a big thing.

The small town of Nyngan wants to erect THE BIG BOGAN.

FINALLY. CRACK A TINNIE. Because this little town on the Bogan river, in the Shire of Bogan, is taking one for the team, proposing to erect a Big Bogan for all youse to bloody get around it.

The plans for the 3.6metre rusted iron Bogan include stubbies shorts, a fishing rod, a mullet haircut and and esky. But what of the other bogan trademarks? Will he have thongs or uggies? Will he be a ranga? Sport a southern cross tattoo or a Chinese symbol on the ankle? There had been a proposal to include a beer holder and a cigarette but the plan was abandoned.  Gotta think of the kiddies.

It’s hoped the statue, which will cost around $8,000, will draw tourists into the small shire of about 3,000 residents.

Bogan Shire mayor Ray Donald says the idea came after watching hoardes of tourists posing with signs saying “Bogan”.

Beuuuwdiful. (Via Flickr Ian Sutton)

He told the ABC that the community members had tried to distance themselves from the name in the past but now they are trying to embrace it.

“Bogan has a bit of a negative connotation at times, but we want to get the positive side of it and get any benefit we can out of it for local tourism,” he said.

“The main thing is just to promote the fact that we are a good little town and it would be worthwhile for people to stop.”

It’s drawn some criticism from those in the community who don’t want the town to be perceived as bogan.  So, the council is seeking community views before approving the construction.

For so long, Australian’s have longed for something to represent them on a giant scale. Sure, we had the Olympics opening ceremony with those enormous Hills Hoists and thongs floating around a stadium called “Home Bush”. That was all pretty Oz. But THIS.IS.ANOTHER. LEVEL. STRAYYYYAAAAAAA.