23 of the best memes about Trump's departure, Biden's inauguration and Bernie's mittens.

In case you missed it (you definitely haven't), Donald Trump has left the building

On Wednesday morning, local time, in Washington D.C., Trump boarded Marine One for the last time as he left the White House, breaking tradition by not attending Joe Biden's inauguration. 

Watch: President Joe Biden's inauguration speech. Post continues below. 

Video via New York Times

Tens of millions watched on as Trump left and Biden arrived, with many taking to Twitter to share their delight at the departure of America's most controversial president. 

Yes - memes were in grand supply. And they are just as glorious as you'd expect.   

Here are the best memes from the past 24 hours, because there's no better medicine than laughter. 

Trump's departure.

Of course, the Internet couldn't let Donald Trump walk of the White House before prov

Biden's inauguration.

And of course, one of the shining stars of Biden's inauguration: Bernie Sanders' mittens. 

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