Beyoncé tweets for the first time in a year and with one post, proves she is a genius.

Queen Bey tweeted for the first time in over a year and proved, once again, she’s the QUEEN OF ALL THINGS.

On Friday, Jay Z dropped his latest album 4:44, which is basically his response to Lemonade. 

On the album Jay Z appears to admit to cheating on his wife with lyrics like, “You did what with who?/What good is a ménage à trois when you have a soulmate?/You risked that for Blue?”.

So, of course, everyone flocked to Bey’s Twitter page to see whether she would respond to the confession we’ve all been waiting a whole goddamn year for.

This is what they found:

Yep. Beyoncé, being the absolute legend that she is, made the most of the opportunity and tweeted about her charity Beygood for Burundi instead.


Beygood for Burundi is Bey’s UNICEF charity which aims to “bring safe water to the most vulnerable districts in the ‘heart of Africa'”, helping families in need.

So basically Bey took advantage of the millions of sticky-beaks creepin’ on her Twitter account and pointed them in the direction of a really good cause. What a clever cookie.

Have Beyonce and Zoe Foster Blake set the bar too high? You be the judge. Post continues after audio…

Although some people were just overwhelmed by the fact Beyoncé finally tweeted, we hope a bunch more actually took her message on board and donated a few bucks.

You can support the Beygood for Burundi project by clicking here.

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