It turns out Beyonce's dance moves work with any song ever made.

Warning, it’s addictive.

Beyoncé’s got moves, we all know that. The singer/bootylicious woman/mother/wife/feminist warrior is also a fantastic dancer and while it does make the rest of us with two left feet feel seriously inadequate about our boogie-ing skills (or lack thereof), we love to watch Bey get down.

And it seems like the rest of the Internet agree. A movement has started (yes, a MOVEMENT) that dubs a different song over a clip of Beyoncé dancing, thus proving her moves are so great, they work with any beat ever.

Take this clip of Beyonce dancing to ‘ducktales’ as an example.

The hashtag, called #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat, is letting people around the world share their best Beyonce dub’d videos.

Here’s Beyoncé rocking out to Frozen’s Let It Go.

Here she is, breaking it down to Missy Elliot.

And one of the best yet…

Because we know you’re not done, here’s a compilation video of the best #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat videos.

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