Did Jay Z and Beyonce just cryptically announce baby number 2? We think they did.

Beyonce and Jay Z have today taught the world a lesson in how to shut down commentary on your marriage ASAP. Step 1: Hint at baby number 2 cryptically in front of thousands of fans.

During their On The Run Tour on Friday night, fans of Jay Z, 44, and Beyonce, 33, believed they had witnessed some of the biggest baby news of the year. But being the power couple of the music industry the duo are, they didn’t actually confirm the news. They just hinted at it enough for tabloids overnight to lose their collective minds.

How did it go down? While rapping one of his hits, it sounds a lot like Jay Z played around with the lyrics– something he doesn’t do very often. The new lyrics sound a lot like he’s saying, ’cause she pregnant with another one’. Whether this is our wishful thinking, or truth is yet to be confirmed.

Have a listen below:

The couple have had negative publicity this year, with many speculating their marriage is nearly over, and they are only putting on a brave face due to their joint tour.

In the past Beyonce has used her song lyrics to address the tabloid rumours. After an altercation in an elevator between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange was captured on CCTV footage, Beyonce sang, “Of course sometimes s*** goes down when there’s a million dollars on an elevator,” in her song ‘Flawless’.

A pregnancy would signal baby number 2 for the duo, who welcomed daughter Blue Ivy Carter into the world two years ago.

Beyonce announced she was pregnant with her in iconic fashion, rubbing her belly proudly at the end of a lengthy VMA performance in 2011, and saying, “I want you all to feel the love that’s growing inside of me”.

If mini Beyonce number 2 is on the way, we are extremely excited for the pair. If this is a tactical move to divert media attention away from their marriage problems? Well, it’s worked….Momentarily.

Now for a trip down memory lane…