After six years, Beyonce shows off her wedding pics!

Mr and Mrs Carter have always been extremely private about their wedding day. Until now…

We’ve seen more of Beyonce’s booty shaking body than we’ve seen of her nuptials with Jay Z. Notoriously private (we can barely get a look at their daughter Blue Ivy’s face), the pair have integrated their wedding video in the opening of the ‘On the Run’ tour.

The sell-out concert in Miami, Florida was privy to the first look at the tape which shows Jay putting a wedding ring on Beyonce’s finger. Jay Z and Beyonce also walked down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Jay Z in the personal home video.

Beyonce and Jay Z exchanging wedding vows

The video features the couple getting matching 'IV' tattoos on their fingers. The roman numerals for the number 4 is very important: Beyonce is born on Sept. 4, Jay Z’s birthday is Dec. 4, the couple married on April 4 and daughter Blue Ivy’s middle name sounds suspiciously like the number.

Beyonce and Jay Z received matching tattoos before the wedding

Beyonce wore a traditional white gown with her hair slicked back into a low bun. .

Walking down the aisle

Showing your wedding to a host of fans in a stadium? It's just another day for Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

The fan video can be viewed here.

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