Queen Bey's reaction to Serena Williams' Wimbledon victory was priceless.

When it comes to pretty much everything, Beyonce is one step ahead of the game.

Except for tennis, that is.

The hitmaker and husband Jay Z were notable attendees in Serena Williams’ private box at yesterday’s Wimbledon final. But when it came to cheering their long-term friend’s 22nd grand slam tournament victory, Bey was a little… err… delayed.

While family and friends leapt to their feet in excitement after Serena sealed the match against Germany’s Angelique Kerber at 7-5 6-3, the 34-year-old looked slightly befuddled at what was happening.

Given she’s one of the most successful musicians on the planet, a lack of tennis knowledge is more than acceptable.

It turns out Serena and Bey have been firm friends for a while now – the tennis pro even starred in the music video for “Sorry”, one of the hits from the controversial Lemonade album.

“I’ve known Bey for a long time,” Serena told WSJ Magazine of the experience last month. “I got really sore from dancing!”

Beyonce was one of many celebs in a star-studded crowd yesterday, with actresses Ellen Degeneres, Portia de Rossi, Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones and Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams also delighting in Serena’s victory.