A bizarre post from Beyonce's mum has everyone confused about the baby twins.

Could this be the first instance of breaking non-news?

Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson was in New York City earlier this week, attending the wedding of a friend’s son and posting videos to Instagram.

Nice, but what shook the social media world to its core was the timing of Lawson’s posts: the day after her famous daughter reportedly gave birth.

And thus, all that we thought to be true began to crumble into a pile of never-ending questions.

Lawson’s post features a video clip of her at a table saying, “I’m in New York having a ball.”

But it’s the post’s caption that really resonates. It reads: “God lets things happen in his time, not ours! Don’t try to rush him!”

Could this be a sign that Beyonce didn’t really deliver her twins prematurely—and that they’re not really in hospital receiving treatment for jaundice?

Could this mean that Beyonce is also in New York and not having the babies in Los Angeles as previously reported?


The posts pushed the internet into meltdown-mode, with Bey’s followers feverishly updating their Instagram feeds for news from the Queen herself.

Now no one knows what to believe.

On Sunday, TMZ reported Beyonce had given birth to a boy and a girl in Los Angeles and that the twins were staying in hospital because of a “minor issue.”

Beyonce’s dad, Matthew Knowles, added to the excitement, posting a Happy Birthday card to Instagram on Monday with the caption: “They’re here.”

HOWEVER… There has been no social or public announcement from Beyonce or her husband, Jay Z, confirming the delivery of the twins or the babies’ genders.

And the fact Tina Lawson was cfriends-son’s-wedding-celebrating the day after the supposed birth has all of us questioning if the Knowles-Carter duo has really arrived.


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